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Publications Wolf M. Harmening

Linked PDF files are either open access versions or pre-prints in case where the publisher does not allow public access, following the idea of green open access.

2014 Harmening WM, Tuten WS, Roorda A, Sincich LC.
Mapping the perceptual grain of the human retina.
J Neuroscience. 2014. accepted
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2013 Scriba MF, Harmening WM, Mettke-Hofmann C, Vyssotski a L, Roulin A, Wagner H, Rattenborg NC
Evaluation of two minimally invasive techniques for electroencephalogram recording in wild or freely behaving animals.
J. Comp. Physiol. A. 2013.199(3):183–9.
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2012 Harmening WM, Tiruveedhula P, Roorda A, Sincich LC.
Measurement and correction of transverse chromatic offsets for multi-wavelength retinal microscopy in the living eye.
Biomed. Opt. Express. 2012.3(9):2066-77.
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  Orlowski J, Harmening WM, Wagner H.
Night vision in barn owls: Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity under dark adaptation.
J. Vis. 2012.12(13):1–8.
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2011 Harmening WM, Wagner H.
From optics to attention: visual perception in barn owls.
J. Comp. Physiol. A. 2011.197(11):1031–42.
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  Harmening WM, Orlowski J, Ben-Shahar O, Wagner H.
Overt attention toward oriented objects in free-viewing barn owls.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2011.108(20):8461–6.
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2010 Van der Willigen RF, Harmening WM, Vossen S, Wagner H.
Disparity sensitivity in man and owl: Psychophysical evidence for equivalent perception of shape-from-stereo.
J. Vis. 2010.10(1):1–11.
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2009 Harmening WM, Nikolay P, Orlowski J, Wagner H.
Spatial contrast sensitivity and grating acuity of barn owls.
J. Vis. 2009.9(7):13.
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  Harmening WM.
A case of quasi-infinite visual acuity and illusory size.
Perception. 2009.38(5):781–3.
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2008 Ohayon S, Harmening WM, Wagner H, Rivlin E.
Through a barn owl’s eyes: interactions between scene content and visual attention.
Biol. Cybern. 2008.98(2):115–32.
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2007 Harmening WM, Vobig MA, Walter P, Wagner H.
Ocular aberrations in barn owl eyes.
Vision Res. 2007.47(23):2934–42.
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  Harmening WM, Göbbels K, Wagner H.
Vernier acuity in barn owls.
Vision Res. 2007.47(7):1020–6.
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