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Advanced adaptive optics for single-cell psychophysics

DFG Emmy Noether-Research group (GEPRIS details

We use adaptive optics imaging techniques to create high resolution images of the living human retina. By means of fast optical light switching and real-time compensation for retinal motion, individual photoreceptor cells can be targeted and stimulated for extremely precise visual function testing (figure by Lawrence Sincich). 

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News and selected publications

(complete list on google scholar)

  • Sep 2017  |  Spatiochromatic interactions [J Neuroscience]
  • Mar 2017  |  Lennart Domdei completes his Bachelor thesis on
    cascaded acousto-optical light modulation, congratulations!
  • Jan 2017  |  Technical principles of AO in Ophthalmology (in German) [PDF]
  • Jan 2017  |  Fixational eye motion benefits vision [PDF]
  • Dez 2016  |  Histology in the living eye (in German) [PDF]
  • Oct 2016  |  Comprehensive directory: adaptive optics in clinical research [ PDF]
  • Apr 2015  |  Light sensitivity of 'dark cones' [PDF]
  • Mar 2014  |  Mapping the perceptual grain of the human retina  [PDF]
  • Aug 2013  |  New Emmy Noether-Group []  [press release
  • Adaptive optics in clinical research
    Click here to download a comprehensive directory of pubmed referenced studies that use adaptive optics in retinal disease. The file contains about 350 entries (updated monthly), complete with all relevant meta data, brief summary of results and PMID links:


    List compiled by Niklas Domdei and Maximilian Pfau
    Last update: November 19, 2017
Upcoming events 
  • Sep 2017  |  DOG 2017, Berlin: talk, Fri 29.09., Neue Bildgebungsmodalitäten  [Program]
  • Aug 2017  |  ECVP 2017, Berlin: symposium, Thu 31.08., Seeing cells [ECVP]


  • Roorda lab, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Sincich lab, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
  • Duncan lab, University of California, San Francisco, USA


Postdocs and PhD students

Interested to learn more and work with us?
Please send you application material (CV, Letter of motivation, References) to:



Dr. Wolf Harmening
University Eye Hospital Bonn
Ernst-Abbe-Str. 2, 53127 Bonn
Building 05, Room UG/1
Tel: 0049-228-287-15882 (or 19818)
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


 A view of our AO system is featured on the cover of the March 2017 issue of Der Ophthalmologe. Also in this issue are two articles by Jenny Reinger and Niklas Domdei on AO for Ophthalmoscopy (PDFs in list above).